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Integrated Solutions

All the Power You Need in a Turnkey Solution

Prime power, backup power, or rental power, Kinsley can supply it all.  We provide 100% redundancy with the reliability you need. No matter how small or large, our team of Kohler certified professionals will create Integrated Solutions that fit your energy demands. 

When all is said and done, an industrial power system is only as efficient as the parts that define it. That’s why we work with KOHLER, a company who engineers every detail down to the last bolt. They offer tough generators which are made to power all of your applications, including healthcare, gas stations, data centers, airports and more. KOHLER diesel generators come loaded with power and are available in a range of sizes up to 3250kW.

Which Components Make Up Kohler’s Total System Integration?

1). Kohler Generator
2). Transfer Switch
3). Remote Annunciator— Monitors and tests your generator set and ATS from a remote location
4). PD-Series Switchgear— Parallels multiple generators to each other or to the utility
5). Decision-Maker Controllers— Kohler controls and diagnostics ensure reliable on-site power
6). Wireless Monitor— monitors your system’s performance 24/7
7). Kohler Monitor Software— Provides monitoring and adjustment of generator and ATS equipment.