Cogeneration Service and Repair

Kinsley is uniquely structured to provide long-term comprehensive O&M services for your entire CHP package. CHP service coverage includes the following categories:

Routine Service:

Oil changes, filter replacements, routine hose and belt inspections 

Preventive Maintenance:

Inspection, tuning adjustment, and component replacement

Corrective Maintenance:

Comprehensive coverage of all unplanned cogeneration repairs

Engine Overhaul:

Refurbish the engine by replacing all major components subject to cycling wear and tear

Preventive maintenance covers the entire CHP system.

  • Engine tuning adjustment and component replacement
  • Generator service
  • CHP auxiliary equipment cleaning and replacement (when indicated), including pumps, hoses, heat exchangers, silencers, and emissions control catalysts

Please review the scope of coverage carefully when comparing competing service proposals.

Kinsley structures the scope of our service coverage to best meet the customer’s needs, including comprehensive service covering all categories above. Contract terms are typically 10-15 years, depending on the service intervals of the equipment, but can range from one to twenty years based on the requirements of incentive programs and the customer’s capabilities and business objectives.

Kinsley performs regional service directly and country-wide service through Ultimate Service Associates, a nationwide service business that Kinsley co-owns with many of the top generator service providers in the country. All preventive, corrective, and engine overhaul service tasks are conducted by direct Kinsley personnel.

Kinsley stocks all required routine and spare parts in our warehouses located in the U.S.