Cogeneration Service and Repair

CHP projects are not just equipment sales but long-term commitments, and Kinsley will be your partner for the life of your plant. We provide a transparent and comprehensive operations and maintenance plan for each project, including the costs of engine, electric generator, heat recovery, balance of plant equipment, and operation of emissions control systems.

We establish pricing, terms and conditions early in the project development cycle so our customers can base their decisions on a thorough understanding of the total lifecycle cost and long-term return on the project. We offer a wide range of payment schedules and scope options tailored to match the customer’s capabilities and business objectives.

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A comprehensive plan from Kinsley includes five major elements of service:

1. Remote Monitoring:

TEDOM’s remote monitoring service is staffed 24/7 to provide troubleshooting support, historical data, and proactive predictive maintenance recommendations. Kinsley Energy Systems has real-time access to all CHP system data, reports, and alarms to facilitate daily checks, predictive maintenance, and rapid response to faults.

2. Routine Service:

Oil changes, filters, and regular component and system inspections.

3. Preventive Maintenance:

Scheduled engine, generator and heat recovery component inspection, adjustment and replacement as required.

4. Overhaul:

Refurbishment of engine, generator, and heat recovery system by replacing all major components subject to cyclic wear and tear. Overhaul is conducted at end the end of the engine’s service life, which is between 40,000 and 80,000 operating hours, depending upon the engine size.

5. Corrective Maintenance:

Comprehensive coverage of all unplanned repairs, this service is an extended warranty that includes the engine, generator, heat recovery and balance of plant equipment.