Cogeneration Systems for Hospitality & Recreation Facilities

Improving Efficiency, Reducing Operating Costs with Cogeneration Systems

Hotels, casinos, and recreation centers are energy-intensive facilities with a growing need for sustainable solutions that reduce operating costs. As energy costs increase, the low price of gas—along with the ability to use the heat generated from CHP to offset hot water, heating, and air conditioning loads—make CHP a perfect fit for hospitality and recreational facilities.

The Role of Cogeneration Systems

CHP is a perfect fit for hotels and recreation facilities because of the consistent need for electric and thermal energy 365 days a year. The heat from the system can generate domestic hot water for showers, heat pools and provide space heating through conventional hydronic or centralized heat pump systems. Additionally, the hot water from the CHP system can be used to generate chilled water through an absorption chiller. Suitable applications for CHP typically have an ROI of fewer than five years and add value by reducing the property’s cost per occupied room (COPR).


Katz Jewish Community Center

The Katz JCC in Cherry Hill, NJ installed a 146 kW TEDOM Cento CHP system in 2020 to reduce their electric utility and heating fuel expenses. The CHP system runs 24/7 in parallel with the utility, automatically reducing power at night to prevent electricity export to the grid. The hot water heat recovery is used for many thermal loads, including driving their heat pump space heating system, domestic hot water, pool water heating, and pool room HVAC. Read more about this project here »