Optional Add-On Generator Services

Preventive services are the key to keeping your generator in prime condition.

Kinsley can save you money while improving the reliability of your power system! With these optional preventive services added to your generator maintenance program, your unit will be 100% ready for unexpected outages.

Rodent Screening

Reason: This screening prevents unit infiltration by rodents as well as leaves and debris. A minor investment in this preventive maintenance can help you avoid significant repair costs later on.

Remote Monitoring

Reason: Once remote monitoring is installed on your generator, it will run 24/7, collecting and reviewing data. If there is a problem, the system sends instant notifications via email or text. Your technician will be able to assess the problem remotely, ensuring the right tools and equipment arrive onsite.

Oil Level Regulator

Reason: In stationary, multi-cylinder engines, oil level regulators reliably maintain proper crankcase oil level automatically, without the need for continual attention. This is important during extended outages, when generators can burn up to one quart of oil every ten hours.

Fluid Sampling

Reason: Generators have three major fluids vital for engine performance, reliability and lifespan: fuel, oil and coolant. Periodic fluid sampling and laboratory analysis can identify problems like water, bacteria or sediment in diesel fuel; particulate contamination in oil and caustic breakdown of coolant before they contribute to generator failure and unit downtime.

Generator Load Bank Test

Reason: Your generator is not designed to operate without running under load. The generator load bank test will minimize “wet-stacking” on diesel generators (black oily smoking condition and buildup of fuel residue in turbo units) and ensure that your unit will handle its full nameplate kW.

Block Heater Replacement

Reason: A lack of proper coolant conditioning, evaporation of coolant, chemical reaction of coolant and constant operation in cold climates can all contribute to shortened block heater life.

Coolant Flush

Reason: Over time, coolant in an engine becomes acidic and will start to cause damage to internal parts. A coolant flush removes the caustic coolant and replace it with fresh coolant. This often-neglected service will help extend the lifespan and reliability of your generator engine.

Switchgear Upgrades

Housing Refurbishment