Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance Plan

A comprehensive check of all generator components including:

  • Checking/adding lubricating oil
  • Checking radiator/cooling system
  • Checking fuel lines/hoses for leaks
  • Inspecting fuel vents for obstructions; checking/cleaning fuel sediment bowl
  • Checking fuel/water separator (if applicable)
  • Checking warning lights illuminated, gauges/instrumentation function/faults
  • Checking fan belts for excessive wear; inspecting/adjusting tension
  • Checking governor belts for excessive wear
  • Checking battery charger; adjusting if necessary
  • Replacing spark plugs, points, distributor cap and ignition rotor (if applicable)
  • Checking battery capacity, cleaning battery and applying anti-corrosion treatment to terminal
  • Performing generator, generator end, ATS & component functionality and safety check
  • Running generator—under load, when possible (customer authorization required)
  • Conducting electrical frequency analysis and adjusting

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