Commercial & Industrial Backup Generators

The Power to Keep Your Bottom Line Humming.

commercial backup generators

Putting power-reliant processes at risk places your overall bottom line in danger. For businesses such as restaurants, hotels, breweries, grocery stores and large retail chains, power is key to production, inventory and service. For large manufacturing facilities, a lengthy power outage can result in devastating revenue stream impacts.

Given what is at stake, selecting the appropriate power to keep operations running during an outage is critical. Kinsley has your back!

Every hour without power is an hour impacting your bottom line. Depending on the duration, the cost of standby power could be recouped in just one outage event!

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Assessing Commercial and Industrial Facility Needs

Kinsley provides the custom, scalable power solutions you need to keep business running smoothly. From backup/emergency to prime CHP systems, we work with customers to assess key needs including:

  • Power usage
  • Security
  • Codes and standards

We are experts in commercial and industrial power. Kinsley will work with you to ensure the perfect power system to keep the line running.