Generators for Power Plants & Water Treatment Facilities

Power Plants Water Treatment

The Power Behind Utilities

Power for Critical Infrastructure.

generators for power plants

Power plants that generate electricity for thousands of homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and more rely on back-up power for support during interruptions in service. Most plants maintain an independent building housing backup generators. These standby systems maintain power to large areas for several hours, providing the opportunity to get the prime system back up and running.

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The Power Behind Water Treatment

Water Treatment is Evolving Quickly. We’ll Help You Stay Ahead.

generators for water treatment facilities

The demand for safe water is growing rapidly. And as water consumption doubles globally every 20 years, individuals and municipalities are more focused than ever on using this resource wisely and efficiently. That concern and new technologies are driving a rapid evolution in the reclamation and reuse of wastewater.

Computers now control water-processing and delivery systems, and sophisticated digital water meters and data analysis can improve operations and reduce costs. Yet those innovations and increasing regulations have put even more pressure on facilities to have reliable backup power systems.

Assessing Water Treatment Facility Needs

Kinsley provides the custom, scalable Kohler Power solutions you need to keep pumps and other key equipment running—so you can avoid potential consumer safety issues and prevent flooding and discharge of untreated wastewater. We assess key needs including:

  • Power usage
  • Motor starting
  • Codes and standards

Power Considerations

Backup power can keep your facilities running during an outage or offset the power supply needed during peak usage. It must start quickly and reliably, as any interruption in the process can be problematic. That’s why Total System Integration is essential. It means your generators, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and controllers are all designed to work together.

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