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Cento T - 100-200 KW

Tedom Combined Heat & Power System Cento T - 100-200 kW

The Cento T boasts rugged design quality, fast deployment, and low installation costs. It is ideal for powering multi-family housing units, small commercial buildings, educational facilities, recreational centers and other facility applications that demand up to 200 kW of power. The Cento T is a complete CHP system that is factory engineered, assembled and performance tested in a controlled facility before delivery. Plus, the Cento T is UL certified and can log over 80,000 operating hours before engine overhaul is necessary.

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Model Fuel Input Power, kW Electrical Efficiency Heat, BTU/h Overall Efficiency
Cento T100 NG Natural Gas 99 32.5% 592,000 89.5%
Cento T150 NG Natural Gas 146 35.5% 771 ,000 90.6%
Cento T200 NG Natural Gas 192 37.8% 873,000 88.3%
Cento T100 BIO Biogas 94 33.5% 505,000 86.3%
Cento T150 BIO Biogas 140 34.2% 732,000 86.5%
Cento T200 BIO Biogas 191 36.8% 891,000 87.2%


 TEDOM Overview Brochure  60 Hz CHP Unit Brochure  Cento T-100 Data Sheet  Cento T-150 Data Sheet  Cento T-200 Data Sheet


100 – 200 kW electrical output

Complete, integrated CHP systems

  • Electrical switchgear and controls
  • Heat recovery
  • Emergency cooling
  • Noise attenuation
  • Emissions control

High-performance engines

  • 100 – 150 kW TEDOM rich-burn with 80,000 hr life before major overhaul
  • 200 kW TEDOM turbo-charged lean-burn with 51,000 hr life before major overhaul

Customizable to meet project requirements

  • Heat recovery: hot water (standard), absorption chiller
  • Electrical operation: grid-parallel, emergency, islanded, multi-unit
  • Packaging: open module, sound enclosure, containerized

UL 2200 Certified & Listed

TEDOM CHP units are operating in hundreds of biogas stations in a number of countries around the world.