800-4000 kW CHP Systems

35-55 kW150-555 kW The Quanto CHP solution is fully customizable to produce hot water, steam, and chilled water. Built with high-performance MWM engines, the Quanto is suited to large industrial, healthcare, university, biogas and wastewater treatment applications that require 800-4000 kW of power. Quanto packaging solutions offer flexibility for both indoor assemblies and outdoor containerized systems.

150-555 kW CHP Systems

35-55 kW800-4000 kW The Cento M is a complete packaged CHP system with integral heat recovery and controls. It features rugged design quality, fast deployment, and low installation costs. The Cento M is best suited to small to medium commercial buildings, industrial applications, healthcare facilities and educational campuses requiring power ranges from 150–555 kW. Equipped […]

35-55 kW CHP Systems

150-555 kW800-4000 kW The Micro T is a compact and quiet micro-CHP system, ideal for multi-family housing and small commercial buildings, such as boutique hotels, retail stores and recreational facilities. With fuel-flexibility to operate on natural gas, biogas, or propane, the Micro T can be applied to a wide variety of applications. The system is […]