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35-55 KW

Tedom Combined Heat & Power System 35-55 KW

150-555 kW800-4000 kW

The Micro T is a compact and quiet micro-CHP system, ideal for multi-family housing and small commercial buildings, such as boutique hotels, retail stores and recreational facilities. With fuel-flexibility to operate on natural gas, biogas, or propane, the Micro T can be applied to a wide variety of applications. The system is UL certified and delivered to the site as a complete CHP system in one easy-to-install assembly.

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Model Fuel Input Power, kW Electrical Efficiency Heat, BTU/h Overall Efficiency
Micro T35 Natural Gas 35 32.0% 228,000 95.7%
Micro T55 Natural Gas 55 34.1% 339,000 95.6%
Micro T35 Propane 35 31.5% 236,000 93.7%
Micro T55 Propane 52 30.9% 356,000 92.9%
Micro T35 Biogas 27 32.0% 171,000 91.4%


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35–55 kW electrical output

Complete, integrated CHP systems

  • Electrical switchgear and controls
  • Heat recovery
  • Emergency cooling
  • Noise attenuation
  • Emissions control

Compact, durable engines

  • 35 kW TEDOM/Kubota engine
  • 55 kW MAN engine

Customizable to meet project requirements

  • Fuel input: natural gas, biogas, propane
  • Heat recovery: hot water (standard), absorption chiller
  • Electrical operation: grid-parallel, emergency, islanded, multi-unit
  • Packaging: indoor and outdoor enclosures available

UL 2200 Certified