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120REOZT4, 60 Hz, Diesel, Tier 4 Mobile Generator

120REOZT4, 60 Hz, Diesel, Tier 4 Mobile Generator

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Fuel Type: Diesel
Certification: Tier 4 Final EPA-Certified for Nonroad Applications
kVA/kW: 79-131/79-105


 Dimensional Drawing  Engine Operation Manual  Generator Operation Manual  Specification Sheet


  • KOHLER Co. provides one-source responsibility for the generating systems and accessories
  • Three year limited warranty covers all generator systems and components and one year limited warranty covers the trailer
  • Fuel Tank 727L (192 gal.) provides 24 hours of run-time at 75% load
  • Sound level of 71 db(A) @ 7 m (23 ft) at full load prime rating
  • 125% environmental containment basin for oil and coolant and 110% secondary containment tank for fuel
  • Kohler’s DEC3500 digital controller is encapsulated for protection against vibration and environmental conditions, auto senses voltage eliminating the need to program voltage changes and includes paralleling functionality


  • Certified by the EPA to conform to Tier 4 Final nonroad emissions standards
  • Heavy-duty air cleaner with restrictor indicator
  • Battery, battery rack, and cables