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Award Named for David Kinsley in Honor of Community Service

We are so proud of the work that David Kinsley has done to support the underprivileged youth program at Capitol Squash. Based at Trinity College, Capitol Squash’s mission is to provide at-risk Hartford youth with life-changing opportunities through the sport of squash. David served as Board Chair from 2014-2019.

Important Services You May Be Neglecting: Fuel Sampling

All generators have three major fluids vital for engine performance, reliability and lifespan: coolant, oil and fuel. Each of these fluids should be tested periodically to ensure they are still within OEM specifications.

Put the Power of “Many” to Work for You!

Kohler is now a preapproved vendor of Sourcewell, and that is excellent news for any government agency looking to procure equipment easily and without the challenge of an RFP process.

The Value of “Value Engineering”

Kinsley's real area of excellence is the “value engineering” services offered to our customers at no charge. Our sales and engineering staff work hand-in-hand with you to review specifications and focus on providing the most efficient and cost-effective power solution.

Winter Storm Quinn

Now that two major storms have hit the area, here are some things to consider if you’re suddenly dependent on your generator and may not know how to maintain it properly.

What Are the Top Considerations When Designing a Generator Pad?

Before the details of the installation are concrete, there are a few considerations that require attention to ensure the mounting pad is designed appropriately. The pad must be the perfect fit and makeup for the generator itself and the space it is placed in.

A Comparison of Generator Cooling Systems

Generators produce an extraordinary amount of heat, and so the interior components must be constantly cooled to ensure that the generator is not damaged. The cooling method is an essential design element of a generator, and is often determined by the size and type of generator.

Pros & Cons: Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power is a great avenue to achieve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote resiliency. We'll discuss the basics of CHP, as well as a few advantages and disadvantages.