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No Cost CEU and PDH Credits

Kinsley offers topics just for engineers, these courses are a great way to earn CEU credits while building useful knowledge and skills.

Courses Available:

Generator 101
Basic explanation of components of a generator set. Explanation of: fuel systems, cooling systems, accessories, enclosures, and applications

ATS Fundamentals
Explanation of types of automatic transfer switches, application, and operation. NEC requirements and healthcare applications, coordination study

Paralleling Switchgear
Explanation of types of paralleling switchgear (gen-util, gen-gen, util-util) , Applications: standby, redundant,  and utility peak shaving.

Codes and Standards – 2017 update
Review of federal EPA emissions regulations as applies to emergency and non-emergency generators, tier levels, applications, operating hours, maintenance, and record keeping

NYCRR Part 222 Distributed Generation Sources Revised Express Terms
Review of new legislation which specifically allies to generators used as distributed generation sources. Applicability, definitions, compliance options, records keeping

The recommended procedure for sizing a generator for standby and prime applications. Review of: environmental considerations, fuel systems, types of loads, and how motor starting methods affect the size of a generator.

Fuel Systems
Explanation of different types of fuel systems as they apply to standby and prime generators. Topics include: code requirements for onsite fuel, diesel systems and alternate fuels, natural gas, and propane

Troubleshooting onsite generating systems
Topics include: formal troubleshooting process, data analysis, data validation, and solution process

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