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Vanguard Renewables Selects Kinsley Energy Systems to Power Unique Farm Application

EAST GRANBY, Conn., Oct. 10, 2019 — Vanguard Renewables has selected Kinsley Energy Systems to supply high-efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) for a groundbreaking renewable energy project. Kinsley will provide an 800 kW TEDOM CHP system to power a new renewable natural gas (RNG) production facility located on Goodrich Farm in Salisbury, Vermont.  The system, owned and operated by Vanguard, produces bio-methane from the anaerobic digestion of dairy manure and food waste, which is cleaned and concentrated into pipeline-quality RNG for distribution through the utility pipeline to Middlebury College. The high-purity RNG produced from waste will ultimately provide 50% of the heating and cooling for the college in support of its plan to use 100% renewable energy by 2028.

This project is a unique partnership between a Vermont college, a local dairy farm, a renewable energy company and the gas utility. The TEDOM CHP unit will supply power to the facility at a cost lower than utility power. Additionally, waste heat from the CHP process will be used to heat the digesters, maintaining the bacteria at ideal conditions for consuming waste material and producing methane. Remaining solids will be used on the farm as a locally produced, low-phosphate organic fertilizer. The result will be a new sustainable source of energy and the elimination of tons of organic waste previously destined for landfills. The project will also enable food producers and consumers in Vermont to comply with Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law banning all food waste from landfills, effective in 2020. The project broke ground in August 2019. Kinsley will install and commission the TEDOM unit in mid-2020.

About Kinsley Energy Systems

Kinsley Energy Systems is a value-added provider of equipment and service for the highest-quality distributed energy systems. The company is guided first and foremost by customers’ needs and collaborates openly to develop solutions that generate the best possible return on investment. Kinsley works in partnership with dependable developers, engineers and contractors. Committed to customer satisfaction, Kinsley provides ongoing parts & service for power generation equipment. For more information, visit our website at

About TEDOM a.s.

TEDOM a.s. is a global leader in the production of integrated combined heat and power systems (CHP.) The company produces up to 300 units per year and has installed over 8,000 cogeneration systems worldwide. TEDOM offers a portfolio of CHP modules capable of running on a variety of fuels, including natural gas, propane and biofuel in power ranges from 35 to 4,000 kW. Please visit for more information.

About Vanguard Renewables

Vanguard Renewables develops, constructs, owns and operates farm-based clean energy systems. Vanguard’s Farm Powered® portfolio of facilities recycle food waste and farm waste to produce safe and reliable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Renewable Electricity (RE) and represent the largest organics recycling destination in the Northeast. The company has single stream and co-digestion facilities in development across multiple states. For information visit