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The Value of “Value Engineering”

When your company is a distributor of products made by others, adding value to the supply chain is essential. Offering services above and beyond the ordinary is what keeps customers returning again and again. A key differentiator of the Kinsley Group is the expertise of its engineering department. Kinsley’s staff engineers aid customers in a myriad of unique ways, from providing power systems consultation to making recommendations for equipment to leading educational sessions for earning professional credits. Plus, Kinsley engineers have the technical acumen to advise and assist on most power project. But the real area of excellence is the “value engineering” services offered to customers at no charge.

What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is an organized effort directed at analyzing design features, systems, equipment, and material selections for achieving essential functions at the lowest cost and best performance, quality, and reliability.

Kinsley’s sales and engineering staff work hand-in-hand with the customer to review specifications and focus on providing the most efficient and cost-effective power solution. Ensuring that the customer is matched with equipment tailored to their specific need is paramount. This approach is opposite to that taken by many other equipment providers, who attempt to make the customer requirements fit the equipment.

Engineers Review Specifications and Offer Solutions

On the Kohler Power Equipment side of Kinsley’s business, the engineers review specifications at the customer’s request and offer solutions that optimize the return on investment. For example, a recent customer specification called for paralleling switchgear using traditional hardware. Because they are switchgear experts, Kinsley engineers presented a digital paralleling option which reduced equipment footprint dramatically, while increasing efficiency and carving approximately 40% off the cost. 

Thorough Analysis to Ensure Best Possible Cost & Performance

On the Kinsley Energy Systems side of the house—who primarily work on CHP and other energy projects—the need to listen closely to understand complicated power requirements is even more imperative. Often, prospective customers may develop a spec around a piece of equipment that might not provide the best outcome for the project. The spec may indicate that a turbine, for example, is the right fit for the project. Kinsley Engineers will always conduct thorough analysis of criteria such as thermal need, load, and efficiency, and the conclusion may reveal that a reciprocating engine would be a better fit. This collaborative approach helps customers achieve the best possible cost and performance.

Having engineers on staff to answer questions also supports customers who need a specific level of expertise they may not have in-house.

Kinsley Engineers Are Also Frequently Called Upon For:

  • Recommending power sizing
  • Suggesting necessary accessories or additional equipment needed
  • Specification writing
  • Installation concerns
  • Wiring diagram creation
  • Pad drawing creation
  • Troubleshooting/investigating/verifying:
    • Potential capabilities, functions, and communications of equipment
    • Issues or irregular performance of equipment
  • Process standardization and improvement
    • Guides/manual creation for system integration

Kinsley engineers are happy to help customers with their power challenges. For more information, contact