Auxiliary Equipment

Image courtesy of Aprovis

Kinsley Energy supplies and services the essential auxiliary equipment required to complete a CHP project. These systems include emissions control, heat recovery, biogas pre-treatment, and electrical switchgear. Kinsley collaborates with many leading suppliers of these auxiliary components and applies a systems engineering approach to the entire site integration to determine the optimal solution for the client.

SCR Emissions Control Systems

While all of our TEDOM CHP systems meet U.S. EPA standards for criteria air pollutant emissions, many states have more stringent air permitting requirements that demand additional emission control. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems reduce NOx emissions by introducing urea in conjunction with a metal catalyst. SCR systems also generally include an oxidation catalyst for reducing CO emissions. With advanced, reliable SCRs from the world’s foremost SCR suppliers, we can meet the most demanding air permitting requirements across the U.S.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

The high-temperature exhaust gases from our reciprocating engines can be used to economically generate steam up to about 120 psig, while the jacket water coolant heat from the engine remains available for lower temperature heating applications, such as domestic hot water. Kinsley engineers work with the site engineer and top HRSG manufacturers to match the engine exhaust conditions with the facility’s needs. Equipment with either smoke-tube or water-tube designs can be provided, complete with ASME certification and full steam generation controls.


Absorption chillers convert the thermal energy in hot water and exhaust gases into chilled water that can be used in building HVAC systems. We not only engineer and supply absorption chillers matched to the CHP systems and facility needs, but we also supply the pumping and cooling systems required to make the overall system function. We can also engineer and supply high-efficiency electric chillers to coordinate with the absorbers to provide the complete cooling needs of a facility.

Gas Treatment

Biogas typically requires pre-treatment before combustion in the engine to remove contaminants such as sulfur, H2S, and siloxanes, among others. In addition, dehumidification and pressurization are also typically required. Working with experienced partners, Kinsley supplies complete gas treatment systems to ensure proper biogas conditions entering the engine.

Electrical Switchgear

TEDOM CHP systems include essential generator protection and controls as well as auxiliary power distribution switchboards. When projects require additional site-level equipment, Kinsley can design and supply main utility and CHP interfacing switchgear, including controls for utility protection and coordinating emergency/island-mode operation.